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Become a Distributor

We are looking for responsible and passionate distributors worldwide.Contact Us today!

Distribution in Asia
Please send us the email at columbiaindustrials@gmail.com (email) or +91 99941-82072 (mobile).

Major Distributor Responsibilities (Including the following, but not limited to)

  • Must be technically knowledgeable and equipped to offer customer service to end users
  • Understand our products technically and business-wise (on-site training recommended)
  • Must fulfill minimum annual order requirement as agreed on contract

Distributor Benefits (Including the following, but not limited to)

  • Guaranteed exclusive lowest price
  • Exclusive sales rights (if required minimum order is met)
  • Sales inquiry relays within given region
  • Remote technical support
  • Complimentary spare parts
  • Additional discount eligibility for container load orders

What We Look For

  • Industry Experience
    Your expertise is a key to your success in marketing our products in your industry. Your existing business networks and knowledge will help you greatly. It does not matter what industry you are in.You can be a motor dealers or compressors or machinery stockist. These are examples of our past successful distributors.
  • Entrepreneurial Mind
    After all, our success is all about finding new business opportunities for innovative products.
  • Collaboration
    We wish to find distributors who want to grow with us. Ideal distributor candidates should understand our end users’ business goals and what they wish to achieve with our products.
  • Accountability & Integrity
    You are part of Columbia Air Compressors products to our end users. Customers should be able to trust the seller as distributors should be able to trust the manufacturer. Our goal is to build such relationship with our partners.