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Refrigerated Air Dryers

The compressor is taking atmospheric air to compress the air which always contains water vapor. The amount of water vapour air can carry varies and is mostly dependent on relative humidity of atmospheric. When the air is heated by the compression process it can carry more moisture, but when the compressed air cools water vapour condensate as water form. This condensate collects in the down stream centrifugal separator or air receiver. If compressed air is flow in the pipe line when the compressed air is saturated to 100 percent with water vapour, the air would cool further and condensate would be deposited in the pipe line and pneumatic devices leading to corrosion and break down, therefore additional drying is essential to avoid costly manitenance and repair work.

Refrigerated dryers use of mechanical refrigeration system to cool the compressed air and at the same time condensate water and hydrocarbon vapor, most of these dryers cool the compressed air to a temperature of around 2 deg C which leads to a pressure dew point of 3 deg C. This is the preferred range because it allows the pressure dew point to fall with in the range that is attainable with common refrigeration system control working principle.

Technical Specification:

Model Capacity Input Power Air Inlet
  In CFM   (kW) In/Out
CARD 200 20 1 Ø 0.12 1/2"BSPI
CARD 400 40 1 Ø 0.19 1/2"BSPI
CARD 600 60 1 Ø 0.41 1"BSPI
CARD 800 80 1 Ø 0.54 1/2"BSPI
CARD 1000 100 1 Ø 0.60 1 1/2"BSPI
CARD 1200 120 1 Ø 0.75 1 1/2"BSPI
CARD 1500 150 1 Ø 0.90 1 1/2"BSPI
CARD 2000 200 3 Ø 1.14 2"BSPI
CARD 2500 250 3 Ø 1.42 2 1/2"BSPI
*Due to continuous R&D for improvements, technical specifications are subject to change without any prior notifications.