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Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor

A single stage air compressor works using the force of a piston and pressure sensitive valve. It is designed to house one cylinder that compresses air with a single piston stroke. This cylinder is connected to a power supply that provides the force needed to compress the air. It is different from double and multiple stage air compressors because it operates with just the one cylinder and valve.

Technical Specification:

Model Displacement
Working Pressure
in bar
Motor Range
HP (kw)
Air Receivers in Ltrs
CC 10 SKL 3.49(2.04) 9 to 10 1.0 (0.75) 45, 70
CC 15 SKL 5.09(3.03) 9 to 10 1.5 (1.1) 70,110
CC 20 SKL 6.60(3.89) 9 to 10 2.0 (1.5) 110,160
*Due to continuous R&D for improvements, technical specifications are subject to change without any prior notifications.