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Vacuum Compressor

A vacuum pump converts the mechanical input energy of a rotating shaft into pneumatic energy by evacuating the air contained within a system. The internal pressure level thus becomes lower than that of the outside atmosphere. The amount of energy produced de- pends on the volume evacuated and the pressure difference produced.

Mechanical vacuum pumps use the same pumping mechanism as air compressors, except that the unit is installed so that air is drawn from a closed volume and exhausted to the atmosphere. A major difference between a vacuum pump and other types of pumps is that the pressure driving the air into the pump is below atmospheric and becomes vanish- ingly small at higher vacuum levels. Other differences between air compressors and vacuum pumps are:

  • The maximum pressure difference produced by pump action can never be higher than 29.92 in. Hg (14.7 psi), since this represents a perfect vacuum.
  • The mass of air drawn into the pump on each suction stroke, and hence the absolute pressure change, decreases as the vacuum level increases.

Technical Specification:

Available Range 1.5hp to 15hp with air receiver and base mount model